Thomas Frank Interviews 7 and 8 with Paul Jay on the Real News Network

Here is the two part continuation of the interviews on the Real News Network between Paul Jay and Thomas Frank.
Frank has the Clintons nailed, and continues to reiterate the high points of how they led the Democratic Party into an historic betrayal of their base, the working people. For money and power.
However, he is far, far too kind, almost to the point of what can be called a willful bias, to Barack Obama.
I am sorry, but can it be more obvious that Obama was a bait-and-switch brand for the oligarch class?
He seems to come back to a more realistic assessment in the second segment. But he just cannot bring himself to draw the conclusion that Obama was not some hapless dupe, a victim of circumstance, but knew exactly what he was doing, and early on had made his choice of what or whom to serve.

This post was published at Jesses Crossroads Cafe on 29 DECEMBER 2017.


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