In a testament to how the US government views its military service men and women, for decades, troops were used as experimental test subjects and doused with chemicals, injected with drugs, and otherwise treated like human guinea pigs – leading to a slew of negative health effects. When these troops simply tried to get care for the onslaught of medical problems brought on by these experiments the government told them to kick rocks.
For decades, the military flat out denied medical care to those it injured through these unethical experiments. After being poked, prodded, and force-fed with everything from lethal nerve gases like VX and sarin to incapacitating agents like BZ, and given drugs like barbiturates, tranquilizers, narcotics and hallucinogens like LSD, soldiers were told that is what they signed up for and were offered no care after their end of active service.
After being told they were crazy for years, the Army finally declassified the details of these experiments. However, veterans were still denied care. In 2009, thousands of veterans – Vietnam Veterans of America and other plaintiffs who wanted to know which chemical agents they had been exposed to – filed a class action lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency, et al., for the experiments. It took seven years for a court to finally rule in the plaintiffs’ favor.

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Massive Oil Theft By Pirates Costs Nigeria $1.5 Billion Every Month

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Depressed oil prices, rampant corruption, and pipeline vandalism are only parts of Nigeria’s oil problem. It’s now losing a massive 400,000 barrels of crude daily to pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, an amount equal to the entire daily export capacity of its Forcados terminal.
Overall damage from piracy, theft and fraud for Africa’s largest oil exporter is estimated at some $1.5 billion a month, according to U. S. deputy ambassador to the UN, Michele Sison, citing a Chatham House report.
Attempts by local governments and the UN to put a stop to piracy have met with some success, but the practice continues – shifting location and adapting to new security measures, so now the UN Security Council is calling for a comprehensive framework of measures aimed at eradicating it.

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Monsanto: Cancer, Cataracts, and Ecocide

Open Letter to the Director General of the BBC and the former Defra (Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) Minister Lord de Mauley
Lord Hall & Lord de Mauley: Monsanto’s own long term studies in rats in 1990 showed an increased risk of cataracts following exposure to Roundup: why are you protecting Monsanto?
Annual rates of admission for cataract surgery in England rose 10′fold from 1968 to 2003. A 2016 study by the WHO: ‘A global assessment of the burden of disease from environmental risks’ says that cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide. Anthony Samsel is the US scientist who obtained Monsanto’s early studies under FOI from the US EPA which showed that Monsanto (and the US EPA)knew that glyphosate caused cancer but concealed it. He said: ‘Forty years of glyphosate exposure have provided a living laboratory where humans are the guinea pigs.’
Lord Hall: BBC Farming Today 18 March 2016: President of Monsanto Brett Begemann was interviewed. Why was Prof Christopher Portier not asked to speak on behalf of IARC?
Asked by the interviewer about whether glyphosate was carcinogenic, the President dismissed as nonsense the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) statement that glyphosate is probably carcinogenic in humans. He said: ‘I trust the science.’ Why did the BBC not reveal the massive dispute between IARC and some MEPs who rebelled and asked for FOIs, and the German Rapporteur Member State BfR and EFSA’s risk assessment of glyphosate?

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