The End Of “The End Of History” – US Mid-East Policy’s Fork In The Road

Authored by Tom Luongo,
In 1989 Francis Fukayama declared that we had reached ‘The End of History.’ Democracy as a form of government would, in fact, be the end of the evolution of human interaction. The West had triumphed and that the rest was ‘just a chase scene,’ to borrow a phrase from Neal Stephenson’s brilliant dystopian novel ‘Snow Crash.’
But, this past week’s events in the Middle East tell me that autocracy has replaced democracy and the trans-national parliamentary system of the European Union that Fukayama championed in his 2007 article in The Guardian.
The EU no longer practices representative Democracy today. Diktats come down from unelected technocrats in Brussels. They are wholly-owned by stateless rent-seeking oligarchs (i.e. George Soros). Everyone in and around the EU is expected to obey or face tanks in the streets (Spain) or endless legal entanglements from captured international courts (Poland).
If you circumvent the rules, the EU will change them to suit its masters’ needs. Just look at any proposed Russian pipeline into Europe over the past five years.
In the U. S. we have been subjected to the worst form of operant conditioning by an unelected Deep State and its quisling media for a year. They created the mass delusion that President Donald Trump is a secret Russian agent.
The goal was to overturn a democratic election, which itself the people had to overcome systemic voter fraud to win.

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Trump Foiled Soros’ Master Plan to Impose New World Order — Hedge Fund Manager

“George Soros and Clinton Inc. were nearly able to declare ‘Mission Accomplished’ on their vision of establishing an opaque ‘New World Order’,” Feierstein, a hedge fund manager who has spent 38 years working in the New York, Tokyo and London global financial markets, said on Tuesday.
On Monday, Trump announced that he was scrapping the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that his predecessor President Barack Obama had sought to complete during his eight years in office.
The top-secret TPP free trade agreement was one of the worst trade deals ever crafted by Washington’s pay-to-play culture of corruption, Feierstein stated.
The TPP was deliberately crafted to ensure a form of “globalization” so that these same corporations who designed the “rules” could operate in the dark with total impunity while stripping member nations of their sovereignty and denying consumers of all their rights and protections, Feierstein explained.
“TPP was Obama’s ‘Crown Jewel’ achievement after 35 years of failed neoliberalism funded by oligarchs for the benefit of oligarchies,” he observed.

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Is Soros On The Ropes?

Although multi-billionaire hedge fund tycoon and international political pot-stirrer George Soros lost big with the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States and the victory of the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom, he stands to lose further ground, politically and financially, as the winds of political change sweep across the globe.
Soros, who fancies himself as the master of placing short put options on stocks, often cleaning up to the tune of billions of dollars in the process when the stock values collapse, has been dealt a few financial body blows. Recently, the Dutch securities market regulator AFM accidentally revealed on line all of Soros’s short trades since 2012. Soros’s trades were revealed on AFM’s website and were removed after the regulator realized the error. However, the Soros data had already been captured by automatic data capturing software programs operated by intelligence agencies and brokerage firms that routinely scour the Internet looking for such mistakes.
Among the bank shares targeted by Soros was the Ing Groep NV, a major institution and important element of the Dutch economy. After campaigning against Brexit, Soros bet against the stock of Deutsche Bank AG, which he believed would fall in value after Britain voted to leave the EU. Deutsche Bank stock fell 14 percent and Soros cleaned up. But Soros’s celebration was temporary. With Trump’s election, Soros lost a whopping $1 billion in stock speculation. Surrounded by his fellow financial manipulators, Soros explained his recent losses while attending the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Soros’s mega-wealthy cronies placed their own bets against smaller Dutch firms. Those firms included Ordina, an information technology firm; Advanced Metallurgical Group; and the real estate group Wereldhave N. V.

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Editor’s Note: This is the height of corruption and tyranny right here. This is a real protest for a real reason, not some George Soros’ funded phony color revolution race baiting to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. That’s why this protest gets blacklisted by the mainstream media and when they do talk about it, they try to paint a bunch of unarmed peaceful protesters as violent rioters who need to be dealt with using a militarized police force.
Now the system is going to institute a no-fly zone for citizens so the journalists on the ground there will no longer be able to fly drones and film the atrocities being perpetrated on peaceful protesters by the police state.
Do these cops even realize what utter fascists they are?

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George Soros – The Man Trying to Create A Socialist Revolution?

George Soros is a Hungarian born August 12, 1930 who became an American. I believe he has done everything possible to further of Marxist takeover of the United States and his support of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine should not be confused with any sort of actual freedom. Ukraine has merely replace one group of corrupt officials with another. I personally believe that Soros is a very dangerous man who tries to fund revolutions that cost people’s lives. I believe Soros is behind the civil unrest in the United States and the Clintons are aligned with him because Hillary is notoriously vindictive if you read any of the reports from former staff who worked in the White House. This is not a political movement, it is one that appears to inspire violence. We should pay close attention to the shenanigans of Soros and Hillary. We know her character. The only type of people who would be friends with someone that vindictive must ascribe to the same character flaws.

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The Brexit Shock: What Happens Next In The Disunited Kingdom

Besides handing down the vote to Leave the EU, the June 23rd Brexit referendum also demonstrated that the UK is a house divided. The vote itself was fairly narrow: 52% vs. 48%. Northern Ireland (NI), Scotland and London had clear majorities for Remain, but much of the rest of England were strongly for Leave. There was also a notable generational gap, with younger people broadly in favor of Remain and older people broadly in favor of Leave.
It is interesting too that the Leave vote was strong in much of the North of England, which is a traditional Labour heartland.[1] The strength of the Leave vote in such staunch Labour areas illustrates how much senior Labourites were out of touch with their own people. The same can be to a lesser extent about many senior Conservatives too: they too misjudged the strength of anti-EU sentiment in their own ranks. Political leaders were so busy lecturing their supporters that they failed to listen to them. This theme of an out-of-touch political elite will, I believe, be the key factor across the continent as movements gather pace to follow the Brits and the EU now unravels. One thing though is for sure: it will not be pleasant.
The financial fallout was shattering. The day after the referendum, sterling fell by over 10%, the FTSE by 7.2%, the DAX by 7%, the CAC by 10% and the Nikkei 225 by 7.9%. It was reported that the 400 richest investors (who had all bet on Remain, including George Soros) lost over $127 billion, and that total market losses were almost $4 trillion. European bank stocks were positively hammered: they fell by over 15%. The VIX, the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index – usually known as the ‘Fear Index’ – jumped by 49%. The next trading day, Monday 27 June, the S&P rating agency downgraded the UK’s credit rating by two notches from ‘AAA’ to ‘AA’.[2]

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Summer Of Shocks: Six Scenarios That Could Slam Stocks

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that yet another respected longtime investor was trying to call time on financial markets that are getting stranger by the day. George Soros started trading again, positioning himself for what he expects to be a significant decline in risk markets that he views as highly overvalued.
For his bets to be profitable, however, timing will matter a great deal. And that has been particularly difficult to get right in markets that are so heavily influenced by the words and actions of central banks.
There was further confirmation last week that the improbable and unthinkable can easily become reality in financial markets these days. Interest rates continued to fall around the world, as Germany’s10-year bondclosed just millimeters from negative rates and the average rate on the stock of government debt went below zero for the first time. In Japan, the nominal rate on the 15-year government bond joined its 10-year counterpart in negative territory.
Negative Interest Rates
The cascading decline in yields amplified the recent relentless flattening of yield curves – often a sign of an impending recession, according to historical experiences (though in previous cases, without the degree of central bank involvement that has characterized this period). Still, despite selloffs on Friday, some equity markets, including those in the U. S., flirted with all-time highs and oil had a relatively solid week.

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George Soros Warns “China Resembles US In 2008”, Hard Landing “Practically Unavoidable”

China’s credit growth in March (and $1 trillion surge in total social financing in Q1) is a “warning sign”according to billionaire George Soros, “because it shows how much work is needed to stop the slowdown.” Speaking at an event in new York this evening, Soros commented on “troubling developments” in China, the anti-corruption drive’s impact on capital outflows and the real-estate bubble “feeding on itself.” His conclusion, rather ominously, was that despite all the naysayers and fiction-peddlers, China “resembles US in 2007-8,” before credit markets seized up and spurred a global recession.
As Bloomberg reports, Billionaire investor George Soros said China’s debt-fueled economy resembles the U. S. in 2007-08, before credit markets seized up and spurred a global recession.
China’s March credit growth figures should be viewed as a warning sign, Soros said at an Asia Society event in New York on Wednesday. The broadest measure of new credit in the world’s second-biggest economy was 2.34 trillion yuan ($362 billion) last month, far exceeding the median forecast of 1.4 trillion yuan in a Bloomberg survey and signaling the government is prioritizing growth over reining in debt.

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Crony Capitalists, Local Pols, and Refugee Resettlement

It took a heroic local news anchor from Fargo, North Dakota to expose the fact that crony capitalists have banded together in a “nonprofit” foundation to bribe the political classes of small U. S. cities to support and promote “refugee resettlement” in their cities. The Partnership for a New American Economy, whose board includes the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Michael Bloomberg, Steve Ballmer (former CEO of Microsoft), and Bob Iger (CEO of Disney), acting in conjunction with the George Soros-fundedWelcoming America, has bestowed Gateways for Growth Awardson Fargo and 19 other cities “to support the development and implementation of multi-sector strategic plans for welcoming and integrating new Americans.”
The news anchor’s reactions to some of his revelations are priceless.


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One crime was surely committed last week. The theft and release of hundreds of thousands of documents from a law firm in Panama in a brazen, coordinated, conspiratorial hack. It’s called the Panama Papers.
The thieves are so brazen that they have identified themselves. They call themselves the Organized Crime & Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and their main backers are the CIA (USAID) and coup and riot funder, George Soros.
Aside from their criminal trespass, one for which no one appears to be calling into question, it is quite clear that the leak of this information was an attack on enemies of the financial elite’s.
Nary an American was named in the leak, with the exception of a few, like Tina Turner, who angered the establishment by renouncing her US citizenship to escape being in the dragnet of the world’s most dangerous extortion racket, the IRS. The Pentagon’s $2.3 trillion announced missing by Donald Rumself on September 10, 2001, wasn’t mentioned. Nor the Bush Crime Family’s CIA drug running racket.

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The Democrats’ Kabuki Primary – – Reflections On How Hillary And Bernie Duck And Cover

Yes, I know the Democratic presidential debate was held some time ago, but the GOP free-for-all was so entertaining – and newsworthy – compared to the Clinton-Sanders match that I neglected to cover it at all, which on reflection isn’t quite fair. But I have to say that the foreign policy element that was central to the Republican melee was mostly missing from its Democratic equivalent, except for the Kissinger Question, which I’ll get to in a moment.
For the most part, Sanders banged away at his signature issues – billionaires are bad (including George Soros?), China is bad (he does a Trump imitation with a Brooklyn accent when it comes to trade issues), ‘political revolution’ – and Hillary honed her carefully centrist message while throwing in a few barbs here and there just to relieve the tedium. By the time they finally got to foreign policy, everyone was so bored that you could hear the audience yawning. So perhaps they didn’t notice Gwen Ifill’s oddly contradictory question to Mrs. Clinton:
‘According to exit polls from last week, from earlier this week, more than two- thirds of Democrats in New Hampshire are concerned about sending their children to fight in wars they can’t win. They fret that the next attack is just around the corner and we are not ready. Are we?’
Translation: Americans are tired of perpetual war – so when’s the next one?

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Sinking RMB Reflects Deeper Trouble In The Red Ponzi – -It’s Choking On Debt And Zombie Factories, Apartments, Infrastructure And Other Malinvestments

SHANGHAI – When the financier George Soros attacked the British pound in 1992 and famously ‘broke the Bank of England’ he was trading on a conviction that the currency was misaligned.
Britain devalued after squandering its reserves in a vain defense. Mr. Soros walked off with $1 billion or more. To the surprise of many, though, the U. K. economy soon picked up once the pound found its proper level.
China’s raging battles with currency speculators are unlikely to end as happily for the country. That’s because turmoil in the currency markets reflects a much more perilous imbalance than an overvalued yuan: China is now lopsidedly dependent on ever larger inputs of local bank credit to keepsputtering growth from declining further.
The country is already littered with ‘zombie’ factories, empty apartment blocks that form ghostly suburbs, mothballed power stations and other infrastructure that nobody needs. But yet more wasteful projects are in the pipeline, even as the government talks about cutting industrial overcapacity.
‘That’s the misalignment – everything else is noise,’ says Rodney Jones, the Beijing-based principal of Wigram Capital Advisors, who was a partner at Soros Fund Management during the 1990s.

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S&P 500 Caps Worst-Ever Start to Year on China Woes, Oil Slump

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index capped its worst-ever four-day start to a year, while gold rallied with the yen as turmoil in China spread around the world and billionaire George Soros warned that a larger crisis may be brewing.
The U. S. equities benchmark ended the first four days of 2016 lower by 4.9 percent, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average has erased more than 900 points so far this year. A measure of global shares wrapped up a four-day slide of 5.2 percent, its worst start in records back to 1998. Selling in global equities began in China after the central bank weakened the yuan an eighth day. Crude settled at a 12-year low, and copperdipped below $2 for the first time since 2009. The yen reached a four-month high.

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John Batchelor interviews Stephen F. Cohen

From FIFA to George Soros the Ukraine is turning into a melting pot of personalities and  hot spots of intrigue. John Batchelor and Stephen F. Cohen once more discuss the most serious news of this new Cold War.
On the Russia Washington front Senator John McCain and the usual suspects rev up the rhetoric against the corruption in FIFA and targets for vandalism the World Cup games for Moscow in 2018. Cohen notes that once more International games institutions are being politicised by Washington as a campaign to take this event from Russia, and it sets a precedent for a new and most inappropriate front for politics.
Then there is the very strange story of Mikhail Saakashvili, former president of Georgia becoming governor of the province of Odessa in Ukraine. He is now under indictment for various crimes in Georgia while in office there, and most importantly he was responsible for the 2008 Georgia War against Russia – as Washington’s man behind the hostilities. Cohen describes his history at length and refers to his appointment as “weird” and a “detonator” for problems ahead in the Ukrainian Civil War. He is a long term Russian hater who is to be governor of a province that is culturally like the Donbass- in a word Russian. And in Russia many Russians see Odessa as more part of Russia than Ukraine – similar to Crimea. Cohen thus considers Saakashvili a “time bomb” and a “provocation”.
There is much more in this broadcast as Cohen gives great context to comparing the ending of the Soviet Union under Gorbekev and the political realities of the new Russia under Putin. As usual the insights gained about Russia are not available anywhere else, and all of these broadcasts are important for those who follow the New Great Game.

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Is Minsk 2 Finally Breaking?
Terrible news out of Ukraine today as it appears that the Minsk Peace Accords are crumbling as I type. With these developments, the crisis in Ukraine could spin rapidly put of control in the weeks ahead. Please stay on top of the situation by listening to these weekly podcasts.
Again, if you’re new to this, John Batchelor is a longtime correspondent and anchor for ABC News here in the US. Professor Stephen F. Cohen is a foremost expert on Russian and Soviet history. Every Tuesday night at 10:00 pm EDT they discuss the latest developments out of Ukraine and they do so in a manner and scope you won’t find anywhere else in the mainstream media.
Last evening…and right before teh fighting resumed today…John and Steve primarily discussed three topics:
How the FIFA corruption scandal effects Russia and its powerful leaders and oligarchs. The simply incredible news that former Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili has been made a Ukraine citizen and appointed to the governorship of the Odessa region. The revelation that George Soros is attempting to steer the conflict through his influence within both the Ukraine and American governments. The Saakashvili story is the most breathtaking and ominous development of the week. For more info, check these links:

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