A new report is said to contain new evidence of ‘corruption and scientific misconduct’ at the CDC. It also states that employees and consultants for the government health agency engaged in ‘questionable ethics and scientific fraud’ that has ‘resulted in untrustworthy vaccine safety science.’
The press release from the World Mercury Project noted that there are a number of criminal acts allegedly committed by employees and consultants working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose work to expose the connection between mercury-laced vaccines and increased autism rates has earned him wide praise and plaudits, has released a new report, and it’s showing the rampant corruption surrounding the vaccine industry.
The report’s authors single out Dr. Poul Thorsen, a Danish scientist who has been indicted by U. S. authorities for allegedly stealing millions from the CDC and tainting research to hide the dangers posed by vaccines. Indicted in 2011, Thorsen remains on the loose.

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Thanks For The $170 Billion – – -Uncle Sam’s subsidies Help Fatten Junk Food Industry

To help Americans avoid obesity, the federal Choose My Plate program recommends filling half of one’s plate with fruit and vegetables. But only a small fraction of federal subsidies support fresh produce production – the majority go into commodity crops, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
From 1995 to 2010, the government spent $170 billion in agricultural subsidies to produce ingredients that make junk food cheap and plentiful. These crops and farm foods – corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, sorghum, milk and meat – aren’t inherently unhealthy, but many are turned into inexpensive additives like corn sweeteners, industrial oils, processed meats and refined carbohydrates, theNew York Times reported.
In a study published July 5 in JAMA Internal Medicine, CDC researchers found that, of the 10,000 adults surveyed, those who had the highest consumption of federally subsidized foods had a 37 percent higher risk of obesity, the New York Times reported. This group was also more likely to have abdominal fat, abnormal cholesterol, and high levels of blood sugar and an inflammation marker.

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CDC, Vaccines and Autism

In December of 2015, Ben Swann became the first journalist to receive the CDC Whistleblower documents provided by Dr. William Thompson to Congress in 2014. This report details the alleged corruption on the part of CDC leadership to manipulate and change the findings of a CDC study published in a 2004 article in the journal Pediatrics.
Farm Wars

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Brazen Bubbles Bursting – -The Chipotle Disaster

We think the notion that Chipotle (NYSE:CMG) is trading at $450 per-share after the report they posted last night is crazy. To put it lightly, we think the company’s results were far worse than what the street expected and the company’s lack of visibility into the future puts them at a precarious situation where bulls must defend the company’s aggressive growth multiple while the company is not growing and while the market overall is in a sticky situation.
CMG reported last night. The company reported better than expected EPS for the quarter, but the outlook was grim. The company said that they expect to have a very rough 2016 and that they were projecting break even profitability for the first quarter. Here are some more of the details,
Chipotle Mexican Grill is off 1.6% after hours after reporting revenuesthat dropped 6.8% and missed expectations amid a CDC investigation of E. coli bacteria incidents at its restaurants. It said same-store sales tumbled 14.6% Y/Y, and restaurant level operating margin slid 700 basis points to 19.6%. Store count rose by 79 in Q4, to bring the total to 2,010. Food cost ratio was down 120 bps to 33.8% of revenue, with continuing relief in dairy and avocado prices, and a decline in beef prices. For 2016, it sees 220 to 235 new openings and a full-year effective tax rate of about 39%. Chipotle also reported its first quarterly revenue decline (-6.8% to $997.5M) in its history as a public company The company stated they have little outlook into 2016 and expect breakeven results in Q1.

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Backfire: CNN Tries, and Fails to Ambush Donald Trump With Vaccine Autism Question

21st Century Wire says…
This was a perfect example of a major network, like CNN, who’s very existence depends on advertising dollars from major pharmaceutical companies, using the presidential debate platform to try and run corporate propaganda for themselves – at the public’s expense.
Networks like CNN complete the final stage in marketing these products companies to the public, but this latest stunt – using a Presidential debate to try to discredit anyone critical of the damage being done by the industry – is beyond the pale. Can they stoop any lower?
CNN media operative Jake Tapper tried in vane to first discredit Donald Trump, and then tried to play Trump, Ben Carson and Rand Paul against each other. Tapper failed miserably.
After the debate, CNN went into rear guard action, rushing to get their resident Big Pharma salesman and vaccine shill, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, in front of the camera, as the Gupta and Anderson Cooper proceeded to make the repeated claim that, ‘There is no evidence linking vaccines to autism,’which is a not a true statement. One only has to look at theCDC’s bloated vaccine schedule for infants and then see how much money Big Pharma is plowing into federal lobbying to see exactly how corrupt this equation has become.

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CDC Whistleblower: Submit to a Live Interview and Open Source All Documents

Editor’s Note: The establishment will do circles around a lie, paint it up and plug their ears before they will face the implications of this whistleblower. The court of public opinion may be the only way to open this one up… until then, children will continue to get this dangerous vaccine, and the criminals in government bureaucracy will keep on covering up for Big Pharma.
There are moments in history where morality and justice demand a better way. Times when status quo normalcy hangs heavy in the air. As good men and women stand idly by with admirable intentions, evil people succeed and prosper. The political process and the rule of law in the United States has hobbled along sick and impoverished for years. It now appears to be dead in a dishonorable gutter.
It has officially been over one year since the senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publicly admitted that he, and his co-authors (DeStefano & Boyle), committed research fraud. Not a finger has been lifted in the name of justice. The reason this is still being written about today is because of the tireless work of parents, often times single parents in severe financial strife, keeping the story relevant on social media, through word of mouth in their communities and constant communication to their representatives.
One can only imagine that political representatives, upon hearing the depth and scope of what is potentially at stake, have curled into balls of inactivity preferring to pass the problem on to the next office holder. To a public thoroughly left in the dark to sift through rumors and gobble up crumbs of info, it appears that congressman Bill Posey, representing Florida’s 8th District, is the only person with honor and integrity left holding an official position. And that, unfortunately, has not been enough to turn the tide of apparent corruption at the CDC’s vaccine division, lack of momentum at the Justice Department and U. S. House of Representatives.

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The U.S. CDC: A Sock Puppet for the Industry and Hopelessly Corrupt

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an attorney-at-law, author, and vaccine investigator, spoke before the New Jersey State legislature regarding the oppressive bill that was introduced to do away with religious exemptions for mandatory vaccinations for children in that state. However, before Kennedy’s presentation, he addressed the media with a dissertation that everyone in the USA needs to hear, especially every legislative body at any level of governance and, particularly, regulatory agencies dealing with health, healthcare and vaccines/vaccinations.
Kennedy explained that he is not against vaccinations per se, and his six children all are vaccinated. His vaccine research began because of his work with educating about mercury contamination from coal burning power plants. At the lectures he would give, mothers would tell him about mercury being injected into their children via vaccines, and that he should investigate what that mercury does to kids, since many of them told of their children’s health problems after being vaccinated.
That was the beginning of his research, which ended in his book, Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak.
As a result of all the research his team did, he came to the conclusion the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ‘is a cesspool of corruption’ and a ‘sock puppet’ for the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry! As matter of fact, these are his exact words: ‘a troubled agency, in fact, a cesspool of corruption.’ It’s pervasive and ‘hopelessly corrupt and dysfunctional.’ Based upon that, Kennedy contends that no one should be mandated to take vaccines because the science cannot be trusted.
Furthermore, Kennedy says, ‘Today, there are 271 new vaccines in CDC’s pipeline . . . awaiting approval to be put on the schedule, and each one of those new vaccines could mean upwards of a billion dollars to the companies that own the patents. And Paul Offit has said that he believes that children can get as many as 10,000 vaccines safely. There’s never been a study by the CDC of the cumulative impact of these vaccines.’

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