Don’t Close the Tax “Loopholes”

Why do some conservatives and libertarians want some Americans to pay more in taxes?
Oh, they don’t actually come out and say that. Then they would sound like Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.
What they do say is that certain tax deductions are ‘loopholes’ that need to be ‘closed’ because they ‘distort’ the tax code, ‘subsidize’ high-income taxpayers, and encourage people to make ‘economically unwise decisions.’ Although most of them also add that the increased government revenue that would result from the elimination of a particular deduction should be used to ‘pay’ for ‘good tax reform’ by ‘offsetting’ the ‘cost’ of lowering tax rates and making the tax code ‘simpler’ and ‘fairer,’ there is no getting around the fact that some conservatives and libertarians still want certain Americans to pay more in taxes.
The latest deduction under attack is the State and Local Tax Deduction (the SALT deduction).

This post was published at Ludwig von Mises Institute on November 27, 2017.


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