Police are everywhere. My ID has been checked more times than I can remember. This is a police state, and the number one suspects are journalists. Charlie Skelton’s account of police in his hotel room going through his things while in his nude then taking him to his car to search that is merely one example of the conditions under which those of us who are here to cover the Bilderberg conference find ourselves.
This year, some of the world’s elites have travelled to the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol in the Austrian Alps for the Bilderberg conference so that the police protecting them can hassle well-meaning journalists, activists and so on. Journalists here at Bilderberg are the criminals in the Orwellian world while people like CIA mafioso David Petraeus are on the inside wining, dining and dealing on the taxpayer’s tab. It’s a long history of crime from Bilderberg’s attendees, starting with the group’s first chairman, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who was caught in the 70s bribing and being bribed by Lockheed and Northrop.
Then there is Douglas Flint, HSBC chairman, at Bilderberg too this year and branded by Guardian ‘a bank beyond shame’; but yet here are the executives of that bank meeting with powerful cronies and government officials. Just this week Henry Kissinger, Bilderberg steering committee member, said that the US has been arming ISIS. Like Skelton, my friends Luke Rudwkowski, Dan Dicks and myself have had our fair share of run-ins with the Austrian police.

This post was published at Dollar Vigilante on JUNE 12, 2015.


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