FCC Votes In Favor of New Net Neutrality Regime, But How ‘Neutral’ Will It Be?

21st Century Wire says…
These last few weeks saw a vicious partisan battle take place in the United States over new government policies regarding Net Neutrality.
Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to implement strict new ‘Net Neutrality’ rules designed to make sure Internet service providers treat all ‘legal’ content equally.
It got really ugly in the week preceding today’s FCC ruling. Democrats and other liberal pundits have said that losing Net Neutrality would allow mega corporations to dictate who has access to the fast lane, and who does not. Republicans and their media outlets are claiming that this was all about ‘Obama wanting to takeover the internet’ by determining what content we are allowed to post online.
In the end, both sides of this debate called vigorously for the preservation of an ‘Open Internet’, making it a choice between two paradigns – big government, or ‘the free market’ (big cable operators in this case). So in the end, poor partisan America is left with a classic Hobson’s choice: do you go with the Federal Government or Big Business? Daunting isn’t it? .
One rule of thumb here is that whatever big business is attempting to change regarding the status quo – which is a ‘neutral internet’ aka Net Neutrality – is most likely a change designed to favor their narrow interests and may also be seen as a monopolistic urge to buy-up all the valuable bandwidth we call broadband, effectively shutting out weaker competition aka ‘the little man’. Judging by history, it’s almost 100% certain that any intense lobbying by mega corporations will be in order to tilt the playing field in their favor, and in favor of locking up markets for themselves. That is not a premature concern, it is a clear and present danger.

This post was published at 21st Century Wire on FEBRUARY 26, 2015.


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